• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is our belief that to protect our customers' private information is the basis of our business activities and our social obligation. The following points are implemented to ensure proper handling of privacy.
  1. Our corporation complies with the law and regulations pertaining to privacy and appoints a person in charge of managing private information so that he properly manages the information to protect privacy.
  2. When our company collects information from our customers and utilizes it, we will do so upon notification to our customers and with their consent. When we utilize private information, we will do so within the scope of objective which is agreed upon by our customers.
  3. Our company manages our customers' information safely and strictly, and take measures to prevent illegal access to, loss, destruction, alteration or leak, of the information.
  4. Our company does not provide the private information to a third party without our customers' permission. When our company contracts out the processing of the private information to an outside vendor, we obligate the vendor to properly handle the information exactly the way our company does by means of an agreement.
  5. When our customers wish to confirm or change their information or if our customers do not need the information we provide, they can indicate that to our customers service.
  6. Our company abides by the ordinance and regulations applicable to privacy, while we strive to monitor, review and improve the way the private information is handled as described above.

Inquiry of privacy protection

Please ask for a person in charge of private information.

How to handle privacy

  • Our corporation utilizes private information we received from our customers in relation to contracts or transactions.
  • As part of our customer service, we utilize our customers' information on the following situations to provide information on our products or service by post mail or web.
    1. When we respond to our customers' questions.
    2. When we send various materials that our customers requested.
    3. When we provide our customers with products, service-related information or materials.
    4. When we need to confirm with our customers regarding payment method or payment status.
  • In the following conditions, our company may disclose private information that we received from our customers.
    1. In the following conditions, our company may disclose private information that we received from our customers.
    2. When we have permission from our customers to disclose or share information.
    3. When the contractor (who carries out the assignment upon contract with our company) needs the information in order to provide services to our customers. (With the exception that our company informs our customers about the utilization of their information, the contractor cannot use the private information our company provided for the purposes other than the ones described above.)
    4. When public entities such as the court or police officially ask for the private information under the name of law.
    5. When our customers behavior goes against the rules and guidelines on our company's internet site and if it is deemed necessary for us to disclose their private information in order to protect our company's rights, properties, services and so forth.
    6. When a person's life, body or property is at immediate risk, and emergency measures must be taken by disclosing the private information.