• Ishigaki Island guide

Ishigaki Island guide


Q: You are couple from Japan and Switzerland living now here on Ishigaki island.
Thank you for your time today and joining our small interview.
We do appreciate your help very much.
We would like to ask some questions about Ishigaki... if you don't mind
A: Please go ahead!
Let’s start with our first question is!
Q: When did you come to Ishigaki?
A: We live here since October but the first visit dates back to April/May of last year.
Q: What do you like about Ishigaki?
A: I like the beaches and the climate but also the mountainous or should I say hilly landscape, the many parks and especially its friendly people.
Q: Why did you decide to stay at Ishigaki?
A: My whole professional life was connected to the maritime industry, therefore it is kind of natural that I wish to retire somewhere on the beaches and Ishigaki offers what I was looking for.
It is small in size, quiet and safe. It has an adequate infrastructure including medical care and of course its natural beauty. All reasons enough to stay here.
Q: When did you choose to buy a ground in Ishigaki? A: This was a very spontaneous decision during our first visit, kind of "love at first sight".
Q: Why did you decide to deal with our company?
A: The first reason is that you have an English website and then all the contacts either by e-mail or in the office were always very very friendly and professional.
Q: Would you recommend Ishigaki to your friends?
A: Yes, I already have. Q: Do you think, Ishigaki is convenient to live for foreigners?
A: Yes it is perfectly convenient, there are already many foreigners living here - but knowing a few Japanese survival phrases wouldn't do any harm.
Thank you very much for your time and we wish you all the best for your future here on Ishigaki.