• Ishigaki Island guide

Ishigaki Island guide


411km to the southwest from Okinawa main island, Naha. Circumference is about 162km.
Area is about 222km2.
This is a large island among all neighboring islands. In the center, Mt.Omotodake, the highest mountain in Okinawa, rises. In the south, there is a busy city area.
Taketomi island is located approximately 6 km to the southwest of Ishigaki island, which is as small as 5.5 km and used to have a local government, managing Yaeyama, The entire Taketomi island is designated as Iriomote National Park and its villages have the look of stores and houses on a street and is designated as "preservation area".


55 min. by airplane to Ishigaki island from Naha.
There's a direct flight from Tokyo Nagoya Osaka & Koube.
10 min. by fast ship to Taketomi island from Ishigaki island.

Air route
ANA(There's no direct flight to the island now)
※Time required
Haneda ~ Ishigaki / 3 hours + 25 min.
Kansai ~ Ishigaki / 2 hours + 50 min.
Nagoya ~ Ishigaki / 3 hours.

Sea route
Arimura industry
Ryukyu shipping industry (Cargo only)
※Time required
Naha new port ~ Ishigaki : 10 hours + 30 min.
If it is via Miyako ; 13 hours + 45 min.