• Property list


Land acreage : 1208Sq.m / Price : 12,775,000yen

The place circled by the trees on the north side of the village. A view of the Nosoko's mountains is wonderful. Even Beach is 5 minutes on foot.


Land acreage : 1998Sq.m / Price : 28,992,000yen

It is on a hill which is a little far from the northern village. Can enjoy the nature. Can see the mountains of Nosoko and the East China Sea.


Land acreage : 2792Sq.m(An area after the division) / Price : 29,540,000yen

In the north of the island along the road. 7-minutes walk to the beach.


Land acreage : 2668Sq.m / Price : 33,750,000yen

In the northern village there is a limestone cave surrounded by many trees. Can enjoy the nature. 7 minute-walk to the beach.


Land acreage : 2767Sq.m / Price : 40,176,000yen

Can see the sea in front, and the Nosoko mountains in the distance. Best property to enjoy the nature since houses are not crowded.