Ushirorealestate Property of Okinawa Ishigaki Island

Lonely planet "Best secret island 2011" Yaeyama shoto The third place



Land acreage : 1199.45Sq.m / Price : 12,670,000yen

A quiet place in the northern land. Housings and villas are nearby. 10min. walk to the astoundingly beautiful white-sanded beach.


Land acreage : 1192Sq.m Building 70.47Sq.m / Price : 42,000,000yen

It is located at the entrance of Ishigakijima's popular tourist attraction Tamatorizaki Observatory. Owners keep the buildings and gardens clean.It consists of a store with a store and a garage yard, and stores and kitchens and tables can be used in the living room, so store management is also possible immediately.There are also accommodation and cafes nearby. It is an area facing Route 390 and serving as a base for northern tourism. The beach is also a 5-minute walk.


Land acreage : 1261Sq.m Building 144.17Sq.m / Price : 69,800,000yen

West coast Yamabale district. There are also many migrants and the view of the East China Sea is great. We think that it is most suitable for person thinking of inn management in Ishigakijima. There are also many sightseeing spots and cafes nearby and you can also enjoy the resort feeling.Handing over the end of October No loan available

Fukai 18

Land acreage : 2584.68Sq.m Building 169.56Sq.m / Price : 94,800,000yen

A midol of hill villa overlooking the Yonehara beach. I think that it is good as a recreation center or accommodation. Each room has a unit bath on the 2nd floor Western room. You can also enjoy BBQ in the large lawn garden.