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Land acreage : 296.32㎡ Building 1F95㎡ / Price : 22,800,000yen

Famous Kohamajima as a resort island. The island is luxury resort facilities have been enhanced, there is also such as the golf course, you can fully enjoy the resort feeling. 2 minute walk to the coast. Rare property. Since also comes with fixtures such as furniture, you can immediately use.

Ibaruma34 Price New

Land acreage : 595Sq.m Building203.33㎡ / Price : 57,000,000yen

District migrants live many west coast of the island. Views of the East China Sea, is the best view. There is also a pension and cafes in the vicinity. It was also used as a location for the film. furnished mansion. August 2005 completed RC structure.


Land acreage : 2207.69Sq.m Building (1) 85.87Sq.m  (2) 43.37Sq.m RC / Price : 63,000,000yen

Ocean view from the 2nd floor is wonderful. It is an interesting property matching the environment full of nature and urban feeling of concrete punching. Nearby there is a quiet beach, reminiscent of a private beach.

Miyara 1  

Land acreage : 19394.48Sq.m Building The 1st floor 264.54Sq.m The 2nd floor 93.21Sq.m Basement 42.40Sq.m ferroconcrete / Price : 351,960,000yen

Between Miyara and Shiraho. By the national road. It is close to the Ishigaki City center, so it is easy to commute and go shopping, and convenient to live. It is a great property which can be used in various ways, such as building houses or large facilities, since it is a relatively flat land.