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Land acreage : 609.49Sq.m / Price : 9,200,000yen

Located some distance from the village. overlooking the Nosokodake. Convenient location close to the kiosks to the life-elementary school. So close to the beach of white sand.

Ibaruma13 Price New

Land acreage : 617Sq.m / Price : 9,300,000yen

There are a house and a villa in the vicinity along the national road the northern part. It is near an eminent viewpoint in Ishigakijima “Tamatori tenboudai” . Even the beach of white sand 2 minutes on foot. It is a very beautiful beach.


Land acreage : 334Sq.m / Price : 7,575,000yen

The relatively close from the city center. It would be easy to live there is also a primary school nursery. About a 2-minute walk to the coast. You can also enjoy resort feeling there as well as vacation condominium resort hotels and cafes in the vicinity

Sakieda 1

Land acreage : 809.47Sq.m / Price : 19,520,000yen

In the Sakieda village. But housing and a villa are in the neighborhood in the quiet village. Even Beach is 10 minutes on foot. A beautiful beach. It's also near Kabira bay.

Ibaruma34 Price New

Land acreage : 595Sq.m Building203.33㎡ / Price : 57,000,000yen

District migrants live many west coast of the island. Views of the East China Sea, is the best view. There is also a pension and cafes in the vicinity. It was also used as a location for the film. furnished mansion. August 2005 completed RC structure.

Kabira 21

Land acreage : 2976Sq.m+386sq.m / Price : 72,000,000yen

West Coast side of the island and outside the prefecture has many immigrant neighborhood. You can see the East China Sea, a good lookout. There is also a cafe near the resort feel and enjoy.

Miyara 1  

Land acreage : 19394.48Sq.m Building The 1st floor 264.54Sq.m The 2nd floor 93.21Sq.m Basement 42.40Sq.m ferroconcrete / Price : 351,960,000yen

Between Miyara and Shiraho. By the national road. It is close to the Ishigaki City center, so it is easy to commute and go shopping, and convenient to live. It is a great property which can be used in various ways, such as building houses or large facilities, since it is a relatively flat land.