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Kabira 11 booked

Land acreage : 476Sq.m / Price : 11,520,000yen

The village where an immigrant on west coast lives much. A view can see for the East China Sea and is best. Even Beach is immediately. There are cafes and restaurants, etc around here.


Land acreage : 966Sq.m Building 115.81Sq.m / Price : 52,800,000yen

West Coast Yamabare district. There are also many migrants and the view of the East China Sea is wonderful. I think that it is most suitable for those thinking about a villa or a house in Ishigaki Island. It is also ideal for use as a company recreation center or cafe. There are sightseeing spots and cafes in the vicinity, so you can enjoy the resort feeling. The ocean view from the living room is also wonderful, and the view from the terrace is also the best. Please ask for details

Kabira 21

Land acreage : 2976Sq.m+386sq.m / Price : 72,000,000yen

West Coast side of the island and outside the prefecture has many immigrant neighborhood. You can see the East China Sea, a good lookout. There is also a cafe near the resort feel and enjoy.

Kabira 12

Land acreage : 7339Sq.m  / Price : 111,000,000yen

Wonderful view to which coral reef that shines in blue stretches. This sea is the spot of scuba diving and surfing. There are cafes and restaurants, etc around here.