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Ibaruma 10 Booked

Land acreage : 333.88q.m / Price : 4,848,000yen

It’s in a quiet village. Houses and villas, an elementary school and stores are located nearby. 3 min. walk to the beautiful white-sanded beach.

Ibaruma13 Price New

Land acreage : 617Sq.m / Price : 9,300,000yen

There are a house and a villa in the vicinity along the national road the northern part. It is near an eminent viewpoint in Ishigakijima “Tamatori tenboudai” . Even the beach of white sand 2 minutes on foot. It is a very beautiful beach.

Ibaruma 4

Land acreage : 2146Sq.m / Price : 32,450,000yen

In the village. Shops, restaurants, villas, inns are located nearby. 2 min. walk to the white-sanded beach with a breath-taking view.