Ushirorealestate Property of Okinawa Ishigaki Island

Lonely planet "Best secret island 2011" Yaeyama shoto The third place



Land acreage : 424.6Sq.m Building 63Sq.m / Price : 12,800,000yen

The beach is near with the article which was next to the village, and the view of the mountains is splendid. There are the stands near by, too.


Land acreage : 885Sq.m Building 153.13Sq.m / Price : 60,000,000yen

Northern part of the island along the prefectural road. Ishigaki-jima is also the leading view spot. You can see the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Behind you are the beautiful green of the great mountain. It is a 7-minute walk to white sandy beach. There are cafes, pensions and hotels in the vicinity.


Land acreage : 720.07Sq.m Building 218.86Sq.m / Price : 75,000,000yen

One minute walk from Yonehara Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Ishigakijima. 1st floor store, 2nd floor residence, with rooftop. In the vicinity it is a residential / villa ground. The view of the East China Sea from the rooftop is magnificent. Three way road. Includes home garden. There is a hut 13 parking lots